Benny Bulte



//  Origin:  Brussels BE
//  Genres:  Instrumental Blues/Rock
//  Years Active:  2016 - present
//  Website:  bennybulte.com
Short Bio
Benny Bulte started playing trumpet at the age of 5. He finished academy at 17 and took up the guitar at 15. Starting with this instrument got him in several bands from blues, hard rock, metal, folk, orchestra, pop...and more.His influences are definded by Pink Floyd over DeepPurple, ZZTop, Led Zeppelin, but also many Blues artists, as Gary Moore Rory Gallagher and Country artisit as The Eagles and John Fogherty Since 2015 he started working on an album called Silk. It was released in sep 2016.Now he's trying to find his way true the internet streamings and downloads.
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